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Traditional boats of the Aegean

‘Trechantiri’ is a type of boat, which has been used Greece for more than 3 centuries. You actually could gamble on the internet with europa casino south africa complaints. This vessel is probably the most famous of Greek boats and is undoubtedly the best example of the Greek Shipbuilding Tradition. Descending from the older Mediterranean types, ‘Trechantiri’ was the first type of sailing boat to be built in Greece. The earliest evidence of building ‘Trechantiri’ boats dates from the middle of the 17th century on the Greek island of Hydra, in length up to 25 – 30 m.

Nowadays, very few ‘Trechantiri’ boats are being built in some Greek island boatyards, usually for pleasure, with engine and aux. sails, for the lovers of traditional wooden boats.

Old photographs of Greek “Trechantiris”:

Trexantiri1     trexantiri2

Monachus is a “Trehantiri” sailing since 1995. Firstly it was a traditional Greek fisher boat and after 13 years, the boat turned into a passenger one. Since then, thousands of tourists have visited the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes island!

trechantiri rhodes1 trechantiri rhodes 2 trechantiri rhodes3

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(Source: forum.woodenboat.com)